Fire retardant medium density fibreboard in natural & black, plus black MRMDF


FLAMEBLOCK is designed for use where Fire Hazard Group 1 and Group 2 fire retardant raw and veneered MDF (FRMDF) is required for interior walls and ceilings, as required by the Building Code of Australia. Black MDF (in Moisture Resistant and FLAMEBLOCK Fire Retardant versions) is used where black substrate and panels are required for aesthetic reasons, such as to create dark shadows in the slots and holes of acoustic panels and veneered panels. All FLAMEBLOCK and Briggs Black MDF is PEFC™ certified for sustainability.

Flameblock is fire retardant - it slows down fire, but still burns. It is NOT “non-combustible”. It is designed to meet a specific section of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards for interior walls, ceilings and lift car interiors. It is not rated for use in other areas of buildings that may require fire-retardancy such as doors, around fireplaces, etc. The customer/end-user/builder needs to do their own checks and tests to determine whether Flameblock in such areas passes the requirements of the BCA and Australian Standards.

Availability of all products may be subject to stock runouts. Other sizes and thicknesses of may be available by indent/special order, please contact us. Note that FLAMEBLOCK FRMDF is NOT moisture resistant and that MDF is not suitable for use in exterior or wet applications, and is generally not suitable for use on floors.